Job Description

Machine Operator


Responsible for operating machines to ensure that quality standards are consistently met, the line meets schedule attainment and line efficiency standards, the mechanical operations run smoothly and the line workers are directed properly.

primary responsibilities

May perform one or all of the following job functions:

  • Ensure meat, dates, tape, labels and other supplies are correct according to product
  • Ensure efficient packaging by setting up work stations correctly and effectively.
  • Demonstrate leadership by directing employees to assist others where needed on other lines or rework when machines are down.
  • Encourage team to be ready to start on time in the morning, after breaks and lunch.
  • Perform product quality and QA checks to eliminate or reduce product waste or rework, these may include but are not limited to hourly weight or count checks, oxygen level tests, metal detection, or blade inspection.
  • Maximize quality and efficiency by adjusting machines registration, sealing temperature, speed, gas levels, and slicing width.
  • Encourage teamwork by informing each team member of their role and responsibility on the line and motivating team members to achieve expected hourly output.
  • Maintain current records by filling out required paperwork correctly and completely throughout the run.
  • Able to load and thread film on packaging lines.
  • Observe machine operations to ensure quality and conformity of filled or packaged products to standards.
  • Remove finished packaged items from machine and separate rejected items.
  • Stop or reset machines when malfunctions occur, clear machine jams, and report malfunctions to a lead or supervisor.
  • Able to set up and adjust the check weight machine.
  • Able to operate and make adjustments to the Ishida Scale: zero the scale, set target weights, set product flow, set DF table weights, and change from auto to manual.
  • Performs metal detection.
  • Able to operate and trouble shoot the diverter shoot and the over/under machine.
  • Monitors and empties the chamber meat.
  • Able to remove, clean and re-install the duckbill.
  • Able to thread the zipper and trouble shoot issues.
  • Knows how to operate, read and set adjustments on the automated computer screens.
  • Stock and sort product for packaging machine operation, and coordinate the replenishing of packaging supplies such as film, WIP, boxes, clip strips, or ageless.
  • Inspect and remove defective products and packaging materials.
  • Manage machine change over's including sanitizing machine for species or allergen changes.
  • Run labels according to product specifications.
  • Follow through on delegated tasks and assist where necessary.
  • Ensure all persons on the processing/packaging machines and crew are properly trained, and time worked is properly recorded.
  • Ensure proper operation of machines by troubleshooting and making minor adjustments and make certain that machinery is in good repair. Notify lead, supervisor and, if appropriate, maintenance if machine operation is out of the scope of efficiency and safety according to prescribed standards and procedures.
  • Maintain production equipment ensuring that quality and sanitation standards are met.
  • Follow through with processing/packaging personnel and give feedback on performance (speed, floor waste, quality control, etc.)
  • Assist lead and/or supervisor by training all new personnel, monitoring performance and ensuring that procedures are followed.
  • Maintain product integrity throughout the area of responsibility, checking product for proper materials, specifications, labeling, etc. Performs quality checks on product to ensure optimum quality.
  • Perform raw material audits and check weights.
  • Ensure proper set up, clean up and smooth operation of the machinery and area of operation.
  • Weigh and record all in-edibles.
  • Ensure that proper safety and sanitation measures are followed by instructing employees on proper company procedures and then monitoring personnel to make sure all procedures are being followed.